"Recognise what is in your sight, and that which is hidden will become plain to you"  

                                                                                                                         The Nag Hammadi Library.



If you have become dissatisfied with your practice, if you are looking for spiritual beginnings, something more - a "connection"   for your massage then you need to investigate PPT.


The rhythmic rocking that is at the core of PPT is a movement intrinsic to life.  The rocking in the womb, the rocking in the cradle, the rocking in the arms of our mother.  No amount of intellectual training can take the place of this core vibration at the heart of our being..


Movement and life go hand in hand.  Every living thing has the ability to change, to pulsate, lengthen, shorten grow, shrink.  It is this constant pulsation that PPT replicates, reminding the body of its innate ability and restoring the natural state of health.


Pain, fear and unhappiness shrink the body, psychically and actually, drawing us inward from the world.   PPT mirrors the constant rhythms of life,  helping our tissues remain fresh, elastic and capable of a free flow of energy. With PPT we can change, as the stiffness of bones and muscles is replaced by elasticity and suppleness.  Forget old age!


At the end of giving a "PPT" Massage you will feel bubbly, excited, complete, and amazing changes will have happened on the massage table without any pushing, pulling, sore elbows or misdirected effort.  YOU  will have in fact done nothing , you don't need to do anything.  "Fixing" has a lot to do with the EGO and little to do with a "healing partnership" which is the new healing paradigm for the coming age.  With PPT the body will have learned what it needs, and will have taken the first steps towards self healing.


According to Jahne, you should be working on the part of the body that can actually help your client- THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.     It is a biological fact that the bones,  muscles and tissues are changing, and sloughing off all the time .  Not so the nervous system - the blueprint.  It is what we should be trying to understand and work with .


Jahne feels she was born to do this - it is afterall part and parcel of yoga philosophy.   Healing can't actually be taught, we all have it within us.  Our body is a self -healing mechanism, and at some level we can all connect with this miraculoushealing energy.  Join with Jahne and learn the fundamentals.  


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