"PPT" MASSAGE THERAPY " (and Tibetan Pulsing) is the life work of Jahne Hope-Williams our founder and Director.  With  links to Tibetan Pulsing/Hands-on Healing, and aromatherapy,  it is an ancient and immensely powerful form of healing.  During a session those things which are blocking the nervous system melt away and the body's natural flow is restored.


Jahne has been doing yoga for about 50 years, teaching yoga teachers for 37 of those years and has been a masseur for most of the time, practising alongside the yoga.  She started in the 1970's learning Oriental Yoga techniques, then Swedish Massage (everyone did in those days), then therapeutic, then remedial, got the "provider numbers", the pieces of paper..... and so on, and so on.  


She found and maybe you have too, that nothing much is resolved at the end of the regular (thumping) massage.  It seems to be, but needs to be done over and over again.  The hands-on feeling is comfortingly human, but nothing really changes.


Alongside profound yoga philosophy which has informed most of her research into human "beings" (as opposed to human "doings") ,  she researched chiropractic network, Trager, collaborated on Tom Bowens technology, wondered over meridians and acupunture, studied Tibetan methods, the realisations of Edgar Cayse and came to feel that we should be talking to the Nervous System - the blue print -  instead of manhandling the muscles and bones.  Only the nervous system holds the key to our wellbeing and the future.


"It is so simple, and so powerful.  We don't force the body to do anything, we invite change - and it happens in profound and wonderful ways.  It takes my breath away !  

You must be alive on the inside to know God."  (Jahne)


AND NOW:  PPT-TOUCH. The next step.  Taking PPT into the classroom.




Busy yourself .. with divine things.

So much to do, so little time..

Busy yourself with Divine things, not to merely know them, but to do them. and when you close the book, look around you, look within you, to see if your hand can translate into deed something you have learned.

(Moses of Evreaux AD1240)

PPT News


If you wish a PPT/TOUCH SESSION with me (Jahne), I am available every day except Thursday, by appointment only.


The cost is $55 for half an hour and $85 for one hour - at The STUDIOin Woodend.


(PS  If anyone out there offers you a course - other than me - it is not authorised, not insured, and not a genuine certificate of completion unlesss they have a certificate of completion of a course with me..)



Becoming a professional PPT massage therapist means that you can earn a great living doing what you love,  and give back into your community.  You can't recieve with closed hands.

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