The psychology of the Buddhas

It's "old news".  The body is a vast phenomenon, a universe of itself.  We can see the externals, some of the internals, but we only have the most basic understanding of how it works.  Working on the body with the current skill frame is like trying to mend a brooch with a sledge hammer.


The mind is the same - one of the most powerful computers on the planet, and it too is a universe.


The old way of studying  a person's psychology was to fit the part of the mind that is abberated back into the whole.  Instead of waiting or looking at the arising of illness we have concentrated on regaining health.


There is a third way.  PPT and Tibetan Pulsing, together with the work of Edgar Cayce and Quantum Healing Hypnosis,  work on awakening the mind.  The gentle transformation of the body and the mind by working with the different frequencies of the organs and their development.  Whatever is manifesting in the material world can be tracked to the soul through the inner processes of the nervous system's  energy circuits.


How did I develop the technique, and how did it come out of the "old way"....


The big change came one memorable day when I had been working, massaging, around the clock.  Not just on anyone, on big professional athletes.  My body was feeling totally done in, and my elbows throbbing.  That nite I said to God "if you really want me to keep communicating in this way, please fix my body, and show me how to be better at my chosen profession".  Of course, He did answer, and that nite the angels came.  


I was woken by the feeling of hands (which I have interpreted as angels) massaging my arms, my legs, rocking my feet, and generally showing me a massage I had never experienced before.  


It was gentle and it worked IMMEDIATELY.  Up to that time, I had been working on a technique that incorporated Tibetan Pulsing, a massage that spoke to directly to the nervous system, not to the bones and muscles.  But this massage by the angesl took it to a whole new level.  This was "The New Way".  


When I first started I called it a "Butterfly Massage", but some of my clients, the husky ones, were embarrased to ask for it.  So PPT it is.  


Now I am initiating the next step 'PPT-TOUCH"  - PPT you can do in the class, without disrupting the class....